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Shady Cove Oregon City Council

Craig Portwood for City Council
City of Shady Cove Oregon

Shady Cove Oregon City Council


Welcome to Shady Cove!

My name is Craig Portwood and I’m running to serve the people of Shady Cove on their city council.

Before I explain why you should vote for me, I'd like to tell you why I love Shady Cove.


My first visit to Shady Cove in June 1998 didn’t leave much time to allow impressions. I made a quick stop for fuel, then headed north on Highway 62 like hundreds of thousands of others.


After a week of camping in the Upper Rogue, I headed back towards the 1-5. It was early afternoon and I decided to stop in the city for a sandwich at what initially seemed to be an odd combination: a delicatessen and fly shop.


Enjoying lunch under an umbrella covering the picnic table outside, I was caught up in the spirit of the atmosphere of rafters, fishermen, and locals, all pleasantly engaged together in the most serious business of enjoying a beautiful day.


I don’t remember when it happened, but I do remember where I was – lazily floating down the Rogue River in a raft. By the time the rafting trip had ended at the boat ramp at Jackson County Park, one fact was inescapable – I had fallen hopelessly in love with the city of Shady Cove. I moved to the Rogue Valley in 1999, living in Jacksonville.


After having lived in the Rogue Valley for almost a decade, I finally became a genuine Shady Cove local, moving to the city in 2008. I have lived in the city of Shady Cove ever since.


Shady Cove has a charm unmatched by other local towns in the area. It’s a small river community whose citizens and local business community welcome with open arms the tourists who visit.


But as much as we all love our town, there is room for improvement in many areas.


Shady Cove has aged over the years, and not always well. Despite the recent improvements made to the state highway running through town, there are sections of our city that still don’t present as well to tourists and other visitors as they could.


I would like to change that.


I have studied the solutions other cities have applied to successfully turn their urban decay problems around and I think we can duplicate those efforts in Shady Cove with equal success – if the people and the city leadership embrace the challenge and have the determination to revitalize our business district.


After complaining for too many years about how things are, I have decided to try and work to make our city a better place to work, live, shop, and visit.



I believe the city of Shady Cove needs a new direction and new leadership that is responsive to the needs all its citizens.

Recently, a number of poor choices made by the city has resulted in the city having two unelected city councilors which have placed the city in potential jeopardy by their decisions.

The city has recently made two “sweetheart” deals, selling off city real estate for a fraction of their real value – one parcel being promised to the people as a riverfront city park – is now for sale by the new owner for full value.

Shady Cove Oregon City Council

Such a transaction should never have been allowed to take place. We should never surrender city assets for what amounts to a handful of magic beans.

These assets do not belong to the city council – they belong to you!

Now, the city has placed its last remaining asset of value – the only money making asset the city still owns – Shady Cove’s sewer system – up for grabs. Should it be surendered to a private company, the customers would be unprotected from future rate increases.

Shady Cove Oregon City Council

Not only do the two present city councillors against whom I am running sit unlawfully – unelected to the city council as prescribed by Oregon law - but one of them also occupies a seat on the city’s Budget Committee in violation of state law. He was appointed to that Budget Committee

Shady Cove Oregon City Council

Oregon state law tells us that a city planning commissioner is an officer of the City of Shady Cove – a municipal corporation under ORS 297.405 – and he was appointed to sit on the city’s budget committee and appointed to sit on the council - a clear violation of ORS 294.414(4) which states “appointive members of the budget committee may not be officers, agents or employees of the municipal corporation.”


Further, another candidate for the office of mayor, sits likewise on the budget committee while seated on the city's planning commission – in violation of the same state law.


There is nothing that can stop a city council from doing such things – save for action of the part of the voter. You must elect honest, ethical people to represent you.

Elect me to help change this city for the better.
Shady Cove Oregon City Council

My name is Craig Portwood and I ask for your help in electing me to a seat on the Shady Cove City Council. Together, we can clean up the way Shady Cove works - for a better future.